Legislative framework

Flemish legislation :

  • Government of Flanders Decree establishing Flemish regulations on the sustainable management of materials and waste cycles of 17 February 2012 (VLAREMA)

National legislation :

  • Law of 20 January 2011 concerning endorsement of the partnership agreement of 3 December 2009
    (B.S. 3 March 2011)

  • More information on the national legislation is available through the following link :www.cdni.be

International legislation :

  • The Convention on the collection, deposit and reception of waste on the Rhine and inland waterways (CCNR (CDNI) Convention) was signed in Strasbourg in 1996, and, following ratification by all signatory States, came into effect on 1 November 2009. Given that some of the obligations arising from the CCNR Convention are covered by regional competencies and others by federal competencies, a partnership agreement under the CCNR Convention was concluded and ratified on 13 May 2011. Under the terms of this agreement the Flemish Region is required to provide an adequate network of reception facilities for ships' waste generated during inland navigation.

    More information on the Convention is available through the following links :